Welcome to SOUL!

Our Soul Sanctuary (SOUL) Non Profit Organisation 210-057 was created to provide alternative/holistic healing, sustainable wellness programs & training in pure Love energy healing therapies, to ALL.

Channeling pure love energy

Pure Soul Woman

We are a loving collective of energy healers and naturally adopted our sister caregivers as our primary beneficiaries.  Passion drives our commitment to connect our sisters to their incredible inner power, to teach them how to harness and nurture positive energy and to energetically heal themselves and others.


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Our first group of caregivers… what a privilege to share LOVE with these amazing women who serve others so generously.

Our healing therapies include:

  • Laughter Therapy
  • Meditation (Various forms from stillness to chant and dance)
  • Tibetan Yoga
  • Dance Flow & Movement
  • Art Therapy
  • Earthing Therapy
  • Reiki (Hands on energy healing)
  • Soul Fix (Toxic Cell Memory Release Healing)

We offer Team Healing and Energy Restoring workshops for organisations needing a Stress Releasing Boost.

Our training courses include:

  • Laughter therapy
  • Reiki attunement
  • Group energy healing
  • Love life coaching
  • Intuitive Self Mastery

Please email us to connect.

Warm hugs & lots of Love,

Our SOUL sisters ♥♥♥




Thank you for your generous donation to SOUL. Your contribution represents heartfelt caring for the work caregivers do in our communities. You are ensuring the health and well-being of someone who desperately needs to heal so that they can continue to serve the most vulnerable in our society. Feel so very blessed & warmly hugged… With Love from SOUL.