The Journey Begins

Passion! Love! Energy healers!

Welcome to SOUL!

Our Soul Sanctuary (SOUL) Non Profit Organisation 210-057 was created in April 2018 when I returned from a healing sabbatical in a rural farming community in the Western Cape of South Africa.

I was deeply affected by the extreme hardship, disease, abuse and lack people living in disadvantaged communities suffered, and yet we received beautiful greetings, out pourings of love and a healthy curiosity in who we are, what we do and if they too could receive healing from us.  I had to explain in very broken Afrikaans (I’m practicing 🙂 ) that I channel pure Love energy healing which requires a sense of ease with me… trust and faith, which they eagerly offered and the responsibility from their side to release their pain, trauma, toxic memories, stress, grief, depression etc. They struggled a bit with that part. The idea that I would transfer their toxic energy through my being so that they could heal made them pause. I was deeply touched by their empathy for me when they so obviously needed help.

I fell in-love… with the innocence, the heart, the lightness within these wonderful people and it remains my source of inspiration when the sheer volume of need overwhelms me.

If you serve others, heal yourself.

Caregivers are energetically vulnerable and unknowingly absorb toxic energy from the people they serve. We offer healing, wellness programs and training to ensure caregivers thrive.

In my experience, growing up “Spiritually” gifted was a huge responsibility and many times a burden… a struggle to conform and fit in to what is socially “accepted”. Of course the labels available to me to describe my gifts, I have psychic, clair-sensory,  mediumship and channeling ability, are not exactly qualities you desire in a best friend, partner, lover or employee… hahaahaaa… but it’s perfect for healers. And at the end of the day, that’s the reason I am here on Earth.

My soul mission to channel pure love energy healing was revealed to me many years ago before I had a name for it and love simply flowed through me.

My mom remembers me as a three year old little girl insisting on having her lift me so that I could touch and kiss babies snugly wrapped with blankies against their mamma’s backs at a clinic I attended for treatment of a disease I did not have… but was I in the right place? Absolutely!

For the duration of my life I have had a recurring vision of connecting through my heart center to people coming towards me… it’s been such a deep ache within me… the how to make it happen so that I can be present and available to serve all the souls with whom I have this sacred commitment…  so you can imagine the joy and absolute peace I feel knowing I am finally serving from a space open to all. Of course I had to find the right people to join me in manifesting my desire and who better than my soul sisters! Souls travel in groups after all, so it made Spiritual sense that a few would resonate energetically and feel a similar, heart centered pull.

Today I feel incredibly blessed to have the support and guidance of super powerful, strong women who not only carry their light and love for those in need, but who practice self healing, authenticity and a consistent en-lightening of their own vibration to better serve others, the very ethos Our SOUL Sanctuary is built on.

Pure LOVE Energy healing | Releases toxic cell memory in the form of stress, abuse, trauma and affirms the creation of healthy cells.

We welcome Care-givers of NPO’s registered or not, nurses, social workers, absolutely anyone who serve their communities, who carry enormous stress, who are burnt out, who feel burdened, unhealthy, depressed, who long to feel love, joy and happiness, to please email us and we’ll send details of our healing sessions and workshops.

We care for caregivers so that they can wholly serve their own beneficiaries and create a loving environment where everyone thrives.

“Something amazing happens when we surrender and just love. We melt into another world, a realm of power already within us. The world changes when we change. The world softens when we soften. The world loves us when we choose to love the world.”

― Marianne Williamson

We welcome your support and invite you to join our tribe by signing up as a member, making a monetary donation or volunteering your time and energy.

Always with love and warm hugs,


Founder of Our Soul Sanctuary

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