Authentically ME!

My name is Teri, I am the Chairperson of Our Soul Sanctuary and I am a healer.

What does this mean though? To be a healer?

Well, let me tell you, it took me a few years to figure it out, and what I’ve found is that We’re all healers in our own right. Whether we sit and meditate by ourselves, or in a group as a collective, once you make that personal commitment to serve your spiritual growth, the healing begins.

You might not notice it immediately OR it engulfs your whole being from the start, each human has their own experience and in that experience, we find our Authenticity, our Truth and our Light.

My journey of self-healing began in 2014. I was in a relationship with a guy that (in my mind) was introducing me to spirituality. Thinking back now, I believe the attraction was more towards the power of faith and belief in something higher than oneself, but of course because HE was enlightening me, I projected that attraction into the relationship. My mind was expanding!

Prior to meeting my boyfriend, I was introduced to this very vibrant, strong and extremely psychic warrior woman by the name of Hayley. Scared beyond my comprehension upon meeting her (because all psychics can see through your soul – right?), I found myself not making any eye contact and kind of keeping to myself. But through all my efforts, it didn’t work, in fact Hayley could see right through me and we started talking to each other.

I found Hayley captivating but what really stuck in my mind was when she told me; while I was fidgeting with a lighter (because WOW, this conversation was deep) “Hey cookie, what if I told you that you could create the flame of this lighter with your own energy?” Bwahahahaha – Yeah right psychic lady… yeah right.

Ok, back to my relationship. Fast forward just over a year into it and I find myself at a friend’s place getting ready to attune myself to Reiki and Shamballa with Hayley. My boyfriend is right next to me, front and center and I’m thinking to myself “OMW, he is doing it with me, we’re meant to be with each other”. To cut a long story short, we get attuned that day and I feel my body’s vibration rising and rising and rising.

To try and explain the feeling is like trying to explain how animals know that the season is changing, it’s not something that can be put in words, but needs to be experienced. But I’ll try my best to get it across. If you are the type of person who can visualize things and your body reacts to the visualization then it might be easier to relate to, but let’s try it out now, while you’re reading this…

Close your eyes and focus on your breath, don’t change your breathing, just take note of it and start to feel a calm fall upon you, as you calm, your breathing starts to slow down. Take 3 deep breathes. As you breathe in and out, visualize your heart, give it a colour (it can be any colour that you feel it should be right now), mine is pink (just in case you wondered). With each breathe in and out, imagine that the colour of your heart starts to brighten, as it gets brighter, it starts to get stronger and wider. I want you to focus on moving that light from your heart, through your shoulders; feel it in your upper shoulders, heating down along your arms and into the palms of your hands. Focus on your palms and feel the heat pulsating from it. Now bring your hands towards each other just slightly, move it inwards and outwards (as if you are molding something in your hands) and feel the energy that YOU have created.

If you were able to feel it, then that is what my body felt like after my attunement and it lasted for a good couple of days after.

A month or two after my attunement, I start to notice a few things in my life, especially with my boyfriend. I started to feel a nagging feeling in my gut “Check his phone… no really… check it” of course in the beginning I kept pushing the feeling away “No, he would never, he loves me, I am just being insecure!”. Eventually I gave into the nag and one evening while he was asleep, I did the one thing I never thought I’d do, I checked his phone.


Messages between him and quite a few other ladies and let’s just say, it was not the “She’s just a friend” type of messages. The next morning, I confronted him and he didn’t deny it. So, with a broken heart, I packed my bags and left.

So, you might be wondering (this low down in the blog) “What does this have to do with being a healer Teri?” Well, everything really! It was then that I realised that the gut nagging feeling was my intuition trying to tell me that something was not right and I had to cut it out of my life in order to heal.

Funny how that works hey, I am sure many of you reading this today has had that nagging feeling but pushed it aside because we don’t want to believe that something is not as it should be; or, for our highest good. Because, let’s be honest, why would you not want to have that person in your life, whether they are good for you or not. Society has conditioned us so much, that it is frowned upon to not have someone in your life at a certain age, to not be married by a certain age and to not have kids at a certain age.

Oh, the horror, why would anyone want to live with that fear?

And it is for this exact reason that I started my own healing journey, with the guidance from my spirit guides and soul sisters, I started focusing on ME. Who am I? Who do I want to be? How do I change my current mental situation? How do I change my life?

A few years ago, I wrote about this part of my life and if you want to know more, you can read about that here:

Once I changed my thinking towards myself I noticed the world in front of me changed. I then started to self-heal my thoughts which had a butterfly-effect on my mood, my outlook, and my life.

Through this journey it dawned on me, that if I do not take care of myself, then how can I be of any positive assistance to those who need my help?

Which brings me to being one of the board members of Our Soul Sanctuary. The mission statement of our NPO is “We care for the care-givers”. This resonated so much with me, as I was in-fact going through this experience, it felt like it was talking to me and I had to jump at the opportunity to be a part of this initiative.

I am still on my journey of self-healing as I keep discovering what my truth is, and I know that through my interactions as a board member of Our Soul Sanctuary I will be able to share my experience and help those who are starting their journey of self-healing.




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