I’m an afrikaans girl from a strict NG kerk background. My parents are religious. They practiced it in our household and church was a must.

The religion construct never resonated with me as I knew the God that was preached about as an external being, was in actual fact the very core essence of our soul. That Jesus is the human form of what we can achieve when we put aside ego and society conditioning, when we de-human ourselves and get in touch with our core Godliness.. we are born healers that just forgot along the way.

As I started asking questions and reading books, educating myself on ego, awareness and mindfulness, I noticed things changing around me. I found the more I spoke from my heart about what I’ve learnt in my daily doings, the more people resonated with it. Like the world was slowly waking up and the light was seeping through the cracks.

I realised that as I was raising my awarness/vibration, the people I started meeting resonated with my findings and were on the same vibe. Knowing that the universe sends you teachers in every person you meet, relationships or friendships or even the friendly cashier, I started looking at my experiences differently..looking at what I attract into my life as things/areas I still need to heal – taking ownership rather than being the victim of circumstances.

Until one of my clients told me about Hayley. I was curious, open and ready for any guidance and advice as I embark on my journey of becoming the best version of myself. It was the start of the most magical journey I could ever have imagined.

I found my people, my tribe, my Goddess sisters, the people that make your success theirs. That motivate you to be authentically, unforgivingly you. That pushes you to grow and hold you to your goal of being your best version..with one collective goal – to heal the world.

I got attuned to Reiki&Shamballa not too long after and was stunned at how my vibrations changed even more. My awareness of energy/vibes became heightened, tangible and made me realise what my purpose on this planet is – to facilitate healing.

My SOUL tribe hosts many retreats and forest sessions where we receive and facilitate healing (TCMR, Reiki & Shamballa). Every time I let go a little more… digging deeper, shedding karmic layers/religion&society conditioning. Releasing patterns/people and reprogramming my own thought patterns by practicing loving myself through positive affirmations. Raising my awareness of the internal accessible Godliness, revealed/unveiled with every healing.

Feeling lighter in being, free from mind clutter, clear of drama..being fully present and sitting in the front row of my life, watching it unfold as God has intended… completely surrendered and in the flow.

SOUL wants to pay that forward. Sharing the healing – creating ripples in the ocean to shake up and wake up the world to the awareness of BEing kind to oneself, others and our mother earth.

OUR tribe has worked together on creating a platform where we can heal the masses one soul at a time – OUR SOUL SANCTUARY is the mustard seed where it stems from… OUR pure love healing passion. Extra-ordinary people whose purpose in life is to serve and heal SOULS… regardless of the package it comes in.

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