SOUL @Peter Pan Down Syndrome Centre

It’s been a privilege to facilitate our Wellness Healing Program for the wonderful caregivers at Peter Pan!

Our 5 week program includes Toxic Cell Memory Release Healing, Energy Healing, Laughter Therapy, Sound Therapy, Dance Flow Therapy & Pure LOVE Affirmations.

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Although our channeled healing was a new experience for most of the caregivers, their willingness to process their newfound heart-centered wisdom created a remarkable vibrancy within their team dynamic and individually.

Sharing by caregivers after the third session:

“I realise I am in control of my feelings and actions and I now choose to surround myself with positivity.”

“I listen and then speak, I think and then act, I say to myself I am Pure LOVE.”

“I focus on the positive and realise the difficult situation is a test. I am happier and making jokes with my colleagues.”

It is our intention to maintain our relationship with the caregivers to ensure they receive the wellness support necessary to thrive on every level.
“Allow LOVE to flow where your attention goes” ~ SOUL

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