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I’m an afrikaans girl from a strict NG kerk background. My parents are religious. They practiced it in our household and church was a must.

The religion construct never resonated with me as I knew the God that was preached about as an external being, was in actual fact the very core essence of our soul. That Jesus is the human form of what we can achieve when we put aside ego and society conditioning, when we de-human ourselves and get in touch with our core Godliness.. we are born healers that just forgot along the way.

As I started asking questions and reading books, educating myself on ego, awareness and mindfulness, I noticed things changing around me. I found the more I spoke from my heart about what I’ve learnt in my daily doings, the more people resonated with it. Like the world was slowly waking up and the light was seeping through the cracks.

I realised that as I was raising my awarness/vibration, the people I started meeting resonated with my findings and were on the same vibe. Knowing that the universe sends you teachers in every person you meet, relationships or friendships or even the friendly cashier, I started looking at my experiences differently..looking at what I attract into my life as things/areas I still need to heal – taking ownership rather than being the victim of circumstances.

Until one of my clients told me about Hayley. I was curious, open and ready for any guidance and advice as I embark on my journey of becoming the best version of myself. It was the start of the most magical journey I could ever have imagined.

I found my people, my tribe, my Goddess sisters, the people that make your success theirs. That motivate you to be authentically, unforgivingly you. That pushes you to grow and hold you to your goal of being your best version..with one collective goal – to heal the world.

I got attuned to Reiki&Shamballa not too long after and was stunned at how my vibrations changed even more. My awareness of energy/vibes became heightened, tangible and made me realise what my purpose on this planet is – to facilitate healing.

My SOUL tribe hosts many retreats and forest sessions where we receive and facilitate healing (TCMR, Reiki & Shamballa). Every time I let go a little more… digging deeper, shedding karmic layers/religion&society conditioning. Releasing patterns/people and reprogramming my own thought patterns by practicing loving myself through positive affirmations. Raising my awareness of the internal accessible Godliness, revealed/unveiled with every healing.

Feeling lighter in being, free from mind clutter, clear of drama..being fully present and sitting in the front row of my life, watching it unfold as God has intended… completely surrendered and in the flow.

SOUL wants to pay that forward. Sharing the healing – creating ripples in the ocean to shake up and wake up the world to the awareness of BEing kind to oneself, others and our mother earth.

OUR tribe has worked together on creating a platform where we can heal the masses one soul at a time – OUR SOUL SANCTUARY is the mustard seed where it stems from… OUR pure love healing passion. Extra-ordinary people whose purpose in life is to serve and heal SOULS… regardless of the package it comes in.

SOUL @Peter Pan Down Syndrome Centre

It’s been a privilege to facilitate our Wellness Healing Program for the wonderful caregivers at Peter Pan!

Our 5 week program includes Toxic Cell Memory Release Healing, Energy Healing, Laughter Therapy, Sound Therapy, Dance Flow Therapy & Pure LOVE Affirmations.

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Although our channeled healing was a new experience for most of the caregivers, their willingness to process their newfound heart-centered wisdom created a remarkable vibrancy within their team dynamic and individually.

Sharing by caregivers after the third session:

“I realise I am in control of my feelings and actions and I now choose to surround myself with positivity.”

“I listen and then speak, I think and then act, I say to myself I am Pure LOVE.”

“I focus on the positive and realise the difficult situation is a test. I am happier and making jokes with my colleagues.”

It is our intention to maintain our relationship with the caregivers to ensure they receive the wellness support necessary to thrive on every level.
“Allow LOVE to flow where your attention goes” ~ SOUL

Authentically ME!

My name is Teri, I am the Chairperson of Our Soul Sanctuary and I am a healer.

What does this mean though? To be a healer?

Well, let me tell you, it took me a few years to figure it out, and what I’ve found is that We’re all healers in our own right. Whether we sit and meditate by ourselves, or in a group as a collective, once you make that personal commitment to serve your spiritual growth, the healing begins.

You might not notice it immediately OR it engulfs your whole being from the start, each human has their own experience and in that experience, we find our Authenticity, our Truth and our Light.

My journey of self-healing began in 2014. I was in a relationship with a guy that (in my mind) was introducing me to spirituality. Thinking back now, I believe the attraction was more towards the power of faith and belief in something higher than oneself, but of course because HE was enlightening me, I projected that attraction into the relationship. My mind was expanding!

Prior to meeting my boyfriend, I was introduced to this very vibrant, strong and extremely psychic warrior woman by the name of Hayley. Scared beyond my comprehension upon meeting her (because all psychics can see through your soul – right?), I found myself not making any eye contact and kind of keeping to myself. But through all my efforts, it didn’t work, in fact Hayley could see right through me and we started talking to each other.

I found Hayley captivating but what really stuck in my mind was when she told me; while I was fidgeting with a lighter (because WOW, this conversation was deep) “Hey cookie, what if I told you that you could create the flame of this lighter with your own energy?” Bwahahahaha – Yeah right psychic lady… yeah right.

Ok, back to my relationship. Fast forward just over a year into it and I find myself at a friend’s place getting ready to attune myself to Reiki and Shamballa with Hayley. My boyfriend is right next to me, front and center and I’m thinking to myself “OMW, he is doing it with me, we’re meant to be with each other”. To cut a long story short, we get attuned that day and I feel my body’s vibration rising and rising and rising.

To try and explain the feeling is like trying to explain how animals know that the season is changing, it’s not something that can be put in words, but needs to be experienced. But I’ll try my best to get it across. If you are the type of person who can visualize things and your body reacts to the visualization then it might be easier to relate to, but let’s try it out now, while you’re reading this…

Close your eyes and focus on your breath, don’t change your breathing, just take note of it and start to feel a calm fall upon you, as you calm, your breathing starts to slow down. Take 3 deep breathes. As you breathe in and out, visualize your heart, give it a colour (it can be any colour that you feel it should be right now), mine is pink (just in case you wondered). With each breathe in and out, imagine that the colour of your heart starts to brighten, as it gets brighter, it starts to get stronger and wider. I want you to focus on moving that light from your heart, through your shoulders; feel it in your upper shoulders, heating down along your arms and into the palms of your hands. Focus on your palms and feel the heat pulsating from it. Now bring your hands towards each other just slightly, move it inwards and outwards (as if you are molding something in your hands) and feel the energy that YOU have created.

If you were able to feel it, then that is what my body felt like after my attunement and it lasted for a good couple of days after.

A month or two after my attunement, I start to notice a few things in my life, especially with my boyfriend. I started to feel a nagging feeling in my gut “Check his phone… no really… check it” of course in the beginning I kept pushing the feeling away “No, he would never, he loves me, I am just being insecure!”. Eventually I gave into the nag and one evening while he was asleep, I did the one thing I never thought I’d do, I checked his phone.


Messages between him and quite a few other ladies and let’s just say, it was not the “She’s just a friend” type of messages. The next morning, I confronted him and he didn’t deny it. So, with a broken heart, I packed my bags and left.

So, you might be wondering (this low down in the blog) “What does this have to do with being a healer Teri?” Well, everything really! It was then that I realised that the gut nagging feeling was my intuition trying to tell me that something was not right and I had to cut it out of my life in order to heal.

Funny how that works hey, I am sure many of you reading this today has had that nagging feeling but pushed it aside because we don’t want to believe that something is not as it should be; or, for our highest good. Because, let’s be honest, why would you not want to have that person in your life, whether they are good for you or not. Society has conditioned us so much, that it is frowned upon to not have someone in your life at a certain age, to not be married by a certain age and to not have kids at a certain age.

Oh, the horror, why would anyone want to live with that fear?

And it is for this exact reason that I started my own healing journey, with the guidance from my spirit guides and soul sisters, I started focusing on ME. Who am I? Who do I want to be? How do I change my current mental situation? How do I change my life?

A few years ago, I wrote about this part of my life and if you want to know more, you can read about that here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/one-alive-who-youer-than-you-teri-pietersen/

Once I changed my thinking towards myself I noticed the world in front of me changed. I then started to self-heal my thoughts which had a butterfly-effect on my mood, my outlook, and my life.

Through this journey it dawned on me, that if I do not take care of myself, then how can I be of any positive assistance to those who need my help?

Which brings me to being one of the board members of Our Soul Sanctuary. The mission statement of our NPO is “We care for the care-givers”. This resonated so much with me, as I was in-fact going through this experience, it felt like it was talking to me and I had to jump at the opportunity to be a part of this initiative.

I am still on my journey of self-healing as I keep discovering what my truth is, and I know that through my interactions as a board member of Our Soul Sanctuary I will be able to share my experience and help those who are starting their journey of self-healing.




The Journey Begins

Passion! Love! Energy healers!

Welcome to SOUL!

Our Soul Sanctuary (SOUL) Non Profit Organisation 210-057 was created in April 2018 when I returned from a healing sabbatical in a rural farming community in the Western Cape of South Africa.

I was deeply affected by the extreme hardship, disease, abuse and lack people living in disadvantaged communities suffered, and yet we received beautiful greetings, out pourings of love and a healthy curiosity in who we are, what we do and if they too could receive healing from us.  I had to explain in very broken Afrikaans (I’m practicing 🙂 ) that I channel pure Love energy healing which requires a sense of ease with me… trust and faith, which they eagerly offered and the responsibility from their side to release their pain, trauma, toxic memories, stress, grief, depression etc. They struggled a bit with that part. The idea that I would transfer their toxic energy through my being so that they could heal made them pause. I was deeply touched by their empathy for me when they so obviously needed help.

I fell in-love… with the innocence, the heart, the lightness within these wonderful people and it remains my source of inspiration when the sheer volume of need overwhelms me.

If you serve others, heal yourself.

Caregivers are energetically vulnerable and unknowingly absorb toxic energy from the people they serve. We offer healing, wellness programs and training to ensure caregivers thrive.

In my experience, growing up “Spiritually” gifted was a huge responsibility and many times a burden… a struggle to conform and fit in to what is socially “accepted”. Of course the labels available to me to describe my gifts, I have psychic, clair-sensory,  mediumship and channeling ability, are not exactly qualities you desire in a best friend, partner, lover or employee… hahaahaaa… but it’s perfect for healers. And at the end of the day, that’s the reason I am here on Earth.

My soul mission to channel pure love energy healing was revealed to me many years ago before I had a name for it and love simply flowed through me.

My mom remembers me as a three year old little girl insisting on having her lift me so that I could touch and kiss babies snugly wrapped with blankies against their mamma’s backs at a clinic I attended for treatment of a disease I did not have… but was I in the right place? Absolutely!

For the duration of my life I have had a recurring vision of connecting through my heart center to people coming towards me… it’s been such a deep ache within me… the how to make it happen so that I can be present and available to serve all the souls with whom I have this sacred commitment…  so you can imagine the joy and absolute peace I feel knowing I am finally serving from a space open to all. Of course I had to find the right people to join me in manifesting my desire and who better than my soul sisters! Souls travel in groups after all, so it made Spiritual sense that a few would resonate energetically and feel a similar, heart centered pull.

Today I feel incredibly blessed to have the support and guidance of super powerful, strong women who not only carry their light and love for those in need, but who practice self healing, authenticity and a consistent en-lightening of their own vibration to better serve others, the very ethos Our SOUL Sanctuary is built on.

Pure LOVE Energy healing | Releases toxic cell memory in the form of stress, abuse, trauma and affirms the creation of healthy cells.

We welcome Care-givers of NPO’s registered or not, nurses, social workers, absolutely anyone who serve their communities, who carry enormous stress, who are burnt out, who feel burdened, unhealthy, depressed, who long to feel love, joy and happiness, to please email us and we’ll send details of our healing sessions and workshops.

We care for caregivers so that they can wholly serve their own beneficiaries and create a loving environment where everyone thrives.

“Something amazing happens when we surrender and just love. We melt into another world, a realm of power already within us. The world changes when we change. The world softens when we soften. The world loves us when we choose to love the world.”

― Marianne Williamson

We welcome your support and invite you to join our tribe by signing up as a member, making a monetary donation or volunteering your time and energy.

Always with love and warm hugs,


Founder of Our Soul Sanctuary